How to turn a TV show into a hit online series

The first episode of a new online TV series called The Game Show started to make its way online after its premiere.

The series, which is set in the near future, is set to star a character from the show, and the show’s creator says it has “a real heart.”

“The Game Show is about a game show that can change the way you feel about life, and about the way we live our lives,” the show creator, John Kline, told The Huffington Post.

Kline said that the show was created after he watched a segment on the popular Game of Thrones television series about how the show is popular with young people.

“I realized it was something I could actually do, that it could have a real life impact,” he said.

“It has an emotional connection to the show that people can relate to, because it’s about how we all feel.”

The Game of Thrones has garnered more than 40 million viewers in the U.S. and is one of the most popular television shows in the world, with millions of fans tuning in to watch each episode.

The show was filmed in New Zealand and was created by Kline and co-writer John Dickson, who also worked on HBO’s Game of The Thrones.

The characters featured in the show are named after famous people, but Kline says that they have a unique relationship to the people they play.

“We’re the game show version of the characters in Game of thrones, which are like the players on the show,” he told HuffPost.

“There are people in Game, there are people on the team and they all have very unique personalities, but all of the games are about the same thing: the game itself, and how you make it.

It’s about making decisions, not just how the people react to you, but how they react to each other, how they respond to the world around them.”

When Kline first started to pitch the show to HBO, the network rejected him.

“They wanted to make the show with a character who didn’t exist,” he recalled.

“So, in the end, it was a difficult decision for them to make.”

Kline told HuffPost that the first episode aired in March and the series has now made it to more than 200,000 YouTube views.

“It was pretty crazy,” he joked.

“We had a lot of people watching the show on their computers.

That’s not the kind of thing you can do on a TV screen.

You have to actually be there.”

He also said that his new series will have a “very strong social message,” which is why it will be “very much in line” with Game of the Thrones.

“That’s why Game is such a great story, because of the way it is about our lives, and that’s why people like it,” he explained.

“The idea is to be the player, and be the one that has to be right.”

Klin’s show, The Game of Life, has also made it into the top 100 most watched TV shows on YouTube.