Texas police chief accused of sexual harassment: Ex-officer faces charges

A Texas police officer faces criminal charges in connection with a sexual harassment investigation that took place between a lieutenant and a female employee.

Ex-officier Brian Williams was arrested by the Travis County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday and charged with three counts of sexual misconduct.

The officer allegedly sexually harassed the female employee during a training class at the Travis Police Department in February.

Williams, who has been with the department for eight years, was suspended from his job in August and was placed on administrative leave.

A spokesperson for the Travis Department of Public Safety told ABC News: “We are aware of an allegation of an inappropriate interaction between Officer Brian Williams and an employee, but we are not able to comment on specific cases.”

Travis Police Chief William McCollum said: “I have absolutely zero tolerance for any type of sexual abuse and this type of behavior is not acceptable.”

The Travis County District Attorney’s Office said it would take the matter to a grand jury.

Earlier this month, the Travis City Council approved a resolution in support of the woman who filed the complaints against Williams.

Tacoma City Councilwoman Barbara Dutton wrote in a letter to the council: “The TACO (the Travis County Office of Professional Accountability) investigation has now concluded and we hope that your support and understanding will ensure that the TACOMA (the district attorney’s office) investigation into this matter will be handled appropriately and that this investigation will not be repeated in the future.”

Mr Williams is set to appear in court on November 22.