How to train for the 2018 Australian Open

The 2018 Australian National Open will be held on the same day as the US Open and the World Cup.

It has been announced that Australian players will train in the US for the first time and will also compete in the UK on Sunday.

Here are the key things to watch for on the Australian Open.

What will the Australian players train in?

The US Open will feature a minimum of 18 players, but the Australian ATP has also confirmed that it will include 12 players.

There are no official Australian ATP events for the US but there are plans to host the ATP World Tour Finals in 2020.

What happens if the players do not train in Washington DC?

The ATP has not yet confirmed which US city the players will be training at, but they are set to play in the city of Dallas on Sunday and the US Tennis Association has confirmed that they will be in the Dallas area.

What is the format of the Australian women’s singles final?

It’s not just the US women who will be competing, as Australian players are set for a double-header.

It’s also the first round of the Women’s World Tour in 2018.

The women’s doubles final will take place on Friday at 8pm AEST.

The final will be played at the USTA National Tennis Center in Denton, Texas, and will be broadcast live on Fox Sports 1.

What’s next?

The Australian Open will run from August 5 to August 19.

The next round will take over from August 20 to August 24.