How to train for the 2019 Olympic Games

In 2020, the Games will feature two training days in each city, but with no Olympic events scheduled for 2020, Olympic organisers are looking for a way to extend the Games.

The IOC has asked for suggestions on how to make it easier for Olympic athletes to train in Canada.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has been working to improve the facilities and infrastructure of the venues, while the Olympic Committee is looking for ideas to make the Games more accessible to the public.

“We’ve been working with the IOC on this issue for many years and we have been looking for ways to improve, improve, enhance the infrastructure and make it possible for the Olympic athletes from all over the world to train here,” IOC spokesman David Burke said.

“The IOC is always looking for creative ideas that will enhance the experience of Olympic athletes and allow us to have a truly great Games.”

Burke said the IOC is in talks with the city of Calgary to see if it can build a new stadium.

“This is something that is a really interesting idea that is really exciting for Calgary, and so we are looking at that.”

Burke also said the International Olympic committee is looking at other ways to extend events, including a full-blown Olympics in the same city.

“It’s certainly an option that we are actively exploring, but it’s not a new one,” he said.

Burke also confirmed that the IOC has been reaching out to Canadian athletes about the possibility of moving to the Calgary Olympics.

He said the IPC has been in touch with all the athletes and coaches involved in the Calgary Olympic team.

The Olympic Committee has also been reaching back to the athletes to find out what kind of facilities they need to compete in.

“We’ve done our own analysis and we’ve identified some of the infrastructure issues that are in Calgary and we are working with them to figure out how we can get this right,” Burke said in an interview with CBC Calgary.

“I think that we’ll find that that’s a very viable option.”

The IPC said it has already reached out to Calgary and other cities to find ways to expand the games and get them ready for the Olympics.

“In addition to looking at ways to make them more accessible, we’re also looking at what can be done to make sure that athletes have a better experience,” Burke added.

Burke said he expects the IOC will give the ICA more input on the options, but the IOC said it’s been clear for some time that they will not be able to provide funding for the IACO’s efforts to provide Olympic athletes with a platform.