Chef training classes for children in DC

The DC Public Schools system will begin offering kitchen training classes to kids this fall for the first time.

The classes will begin with the first of four classes on Sept. 23, and the rest will be offered on an ongoing basis.

The first class is geared toward pre-kindergarteners, but classes are also available for kids age 6 and younger.

“This is an opportunity for kids to learn skills they need to be successful at school and beyond,” said Kelly Bongiovanni, DCPS’s chief information officer.

“We hope this helps make their future learning experience more productive, enjoyable and enjoyable for their families.”

Kids who sign up for the classes will have the opportunity to work at home and get to know a DCPS employee.

Each class will run for 10 hours, and each session will be taught by an experienced DCPS kitchen staff member.

“If you’re ready to start cooking, we want you to start with this training and work your way up,” said Bongovanni.

The DCPS is also offering a few other fun and educational cooking classes.

In one of those, a family will learn how to make their own homemade pizza, and they will make a recipe for a pizza pizza and a pizza crust.

Another class will include an edible garden.

Bongivanni said they are also working on another cooking class, called “The Kitchen,” which will include home-cooking classes and more than 50 activities.

Bonsai and garden classes are currently open at the public schools, but the DCPS plans to open all schools to the classes as soon as the fall.