Sabre training program for children with autism and autism spectrum disorder ends after four years

SABRE (Reuters) – Sabre Training programs for children who have autism and/or autism spectrum disorders have ended after four and a half years, despite promises to train more children, a Swiss-based group said on Thursday.

The program, which opened in 2016, was aimed at raising awareness about the condition among children and teachers and was aimed to offer them a career as well as a better quality of life, said the Association of Sabre Teachers, which runs the Sabre-Training School.

The association has not released figures on how many children were enrolled in the program, but a spokeswoman said in January that the program had more than 8,000 participants and was funded by government funds.

The spokeswoman said the program was still being run in some parts of Switzerland and that the government would continue to support its operation.

The Sabre Foundation is a Swiss charity that aims to develop and launch new therapeutic therapies for people with autism.

The foundation is one of a number of charities, including the Swiss-born American neurosurgeon Ben Carson, which are working to develop treatments and treatments for autism.