‘I’m not afraid’: The stories of the students who helped save the train station

More than 50 train passengers are fighting for their lives after their train was struck by a train in the early hours of Friday morning.

The train had been due to leave from the central station at 2:00am and had to make an emergency stop near the Chitral railway station in the eastern city of Chitrol.

The passengers are believed to have jumped out of the train, only to be hit by the train as it went on its way.

The injured are being treated in the city’s central hospital.

The station was reopened shortly after midnight but was closed off by police.

Police spokesman Praveen Jain told Al Jazeera the injured have been admitted to the city hospital.

There have been no reports of casualties from the accident, he added.

Train drivers are expected to make emergency stops at the station to ensure that passengers get on to the train.

Chitrol has been in lockdown since the accident.

Train operator Railways has also put up emergency signs outside the station.

The accident comes at a time of heightened security in the country, with more than 2,000 soldiers deployed across the country.