What you need to know about the latest news about the World Cup

AUBURN HILL, England (AP) Britain’s World Cup qualifier against Mexico at Wembley was marred by a bomb scare that left at least 10 injured and the country in lockdown as the World Football Association (WFA) announced the suspension of England players.

The WFA said Saturday it was suspending England players for their part in the incident on Friday night, which happened in the English capital.

The WFA had said Friday it was looking into how it could avoid a repeat of the incident, which occurred at the same stadium in 2016, and said a decision on whether or not to suspend players was expected next week.

The U.K. FA had said it would consider the WFA’s decision but that the national team would be allowed to play.WFA president Mike Dee said the incident involved two individuals.

“I would say at this point it is likely that we will have a decision in a matter of days,” he told BBC Radio 5 live.

“This incident has taken the lives of at least 12 people.”

We have a very high risk for a terrorist incident in the U.S. and so we will be looking at all the facts and making the right decision for the best interests of our players and for the football team.

“It’s a tragedy and we are absolutely heartbroken.”

England had already been placed on lockdown in the United States and the U,S.

Virgin Islands, but Dee said it was possible the situation would improve in the coming days.

“At this point we do not believe that it is safe for the U-21s and the team to play against Mexico,” he said.

The bomb scare took place about 10:30 p.m. local time on Friday at the W Hotel, which was located just across the street from the venue where the U19s played on Friday.

Police said a man entered the hotel and threw a metal object at a security guard, injuring him.

He was then seen running away.

A bomb disposal team found the metal object in a trash can.

The incident prompted the WFU to suspend the England team from the upcoming World Cup.

The England squad returned to the Uefa stadium in Manchester, England, on Saturday.

The tournament, which will kick off on May 5, is expected to feature four knockout rounds with the quarterfinals taking place in July.