Breitbart News: Breitbart News Exclusive: How a Breitbart News Staff Member Got $7,000 From a Government Contract

Breitbart News has exclusively obtained internal company documents detailing how a Breitbart employee got a $7K federal contract from the Department of Defense.

The documents are contained in a Department of Labor audit of the company in 2014, and include information about a contract award for an employee who was working as an “accountant.”

The documents show that a subcontractor, known as a “contracting manager,” paid for the contract and for other administrative expenses for the employee.

This is what the contractor had to say: “The contract was awarded in October 2013, and I have been a contractor for the last 6 years, including all of 2014.

I am not a paid employee and have never been.

The contractor has provided me with an opportunity to work as an accountant for the Federal Government for approximately $7k.”

The contract is titled “Employment and Business Process Improvement and Administration for Contract Management” and is worth approximately $3,300.

According to the contract, the contractor was supposed to be paid $100 per hour, but it was only paid $50.

The contracting manager told Breitbart News that the employee was paid $7000, but he did not provide the actual amount.

The document also shows that the contractor paid the employee a “personal check,” as well as a credit card payment.

A spokesman for the contractor told Breitbart that the subcontractor is now an independent contractor and is paying his own expenses.

In an email to Breitbart News, the contracting manager said that the payment for the personal check was “in the millions.”

The contractor’s explanation for the payment is that the check was for “travel expenses.”

The subcontractor told Breitbart’s Investigative Group that he had not received any payment from the federal government since 2014, when he left the company.

He also claimed that the contract was approved by the Department’s procurement office, which he said was the contracting manager.

Breitbart News was unable to verify the claim that the company had received no payment from any federal government agency.

The subcontracting manager told us that he left Breitbart News in 2015 after the contract expired.

He said that Breitbart News had no knowledge of any improper payments or payments made to the contractor.

He told that he was not aware of any criminal conduct by the contractor and that he did have a good relationship with the contractor for years.

However, he did admit that the federal contract was not approved by any government agency, and that the contractors’ business relationship with him had been “good” for years, “at least for a couple of years.”

We asked the Department for a comment on the contractor’s claims.

“The Department has not received a complaint regarding the contractor, and we have no further comment,” a Department spokesperson said.

“Federal contracting is a safe and secure channel for many of our contractors, and as we work to increase transparency and accountability in government procurement, we continue to hold contractors accountable.”

Breitbart News’ Investigative Group is investigating the Trump Administration’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim Brotherhood-connected countries.

The Department of Homeland Security was also contracted by the company to investigate the company for the contracting fraud, as well.