Giants’ new starting quarterback, Mike Glennon, a better option for the team

Mike Glennons biggest challenge will be to maintain his level of play as he prepares for a new gig as the Giants’ starting quarterback.

Glennon was a first-round pick of the Eagles in 2017 but has not lived up to expectations.

Now the New York Giants are trying to build a young core that can replace the departed Eli Manning.

Here’s what you need to know about Glennon.1.

Glennons experience playing in the NFL has been a major focus in the new coaching staff.

Glenns college career was a disaster.

Glenn was benched in the first two preseason games and then was benied for the first five games of the regular season.

Glenn’s last NFL start came in Week 4.

He went 1-4 for 24 yards and an interception.

The Eagles coach also said he felt Glenn’s play was more than fair given his past.

Glenn is coming off his first NFL start, and he was just 5-of-18 passing for 29 yards and a touchdown.

He has been inconsistent as a passer.