When the next Trump class comes around, it won’t be an Obama class: A new report says

HAGERTSVILLE, Alabama — Trump’s administration is considering canceling the first training class for incoming senior military officers, the Washington Post reported Sunday.

Trump has pledged to use his first days in office to promote military readiness, but has not yet announced any plans to cancel classes.

He has said he is not ready to deploy yet, and he has been unable to sign a bill that would provide training to new recruits.

Trump is expected to meet with military leaders next week, where they will discuss ways to ensure that senior military leaders can provide a secure and effective training environment.

In January, the military’s top officers wrote a letter to the Trump administration urging the president to reconsider the class, arguing that it “is not aligned with our values and the expectations of our countrymen.”

The letter said the training should not be canceled because it is “part of the national defense mission.”