More than 200,000 new recruits have been recruited for military training programs, the latest effort to push back against the Trump administration

A record number of recruits have received Army training, according to new Army data obtained by Breitbart News.

The latest data, obtained by the outlet and confirmed by an official with the Joint Staff, provides a rare snapshot of the training efforts of the Army and its members as the Trump Administration has ramped up its efforts to “rescue” the country from a wave of domestic terrorism.

While the Trump campaign was trying to make domestic terrorism a priority, the Army had been conducting a series of training events and training programs across the country, including at Fort Hood in Texas.

The Trump Administration’s push to roll back the federal government’s response to domestic terror attacks came after the November 8 election, and as part of the administration’s efforts to make America great again, it was announcing the deployment of 100,000 more National Guard troops across the United States, with plans to expand to 500,000 by 2021.

The data released by the Army also revealed that there have been over 2,600,000 deployments of Army Reserve troops in the U.S. Army and the Air Force, and more than 8,000,000 active duty Army Reserve members in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard.

The new data also reveals that the Army has received more than 5,200,000 requests for personnel, equipment, and other support.

The Army also released new training plans for 2017 that outline a number of programs and projects that have been expanded to address the threat of domestic terror.

The National Guard is currently in full combat mode and is deployed to a number and geographic locations in the country to protect key infrastructure.

The Air Force is expanding its efforts with more than 700,000 personnel deployed to support the Army’s mission.

The Marine Corps has expanded its efforts in a number in the past few years, with additional personnel being deployed to the region.

The Navy is preparing to deploy to the Gulf of Mexico as part the Marine Expeditionary Force.

The Coast Guard is planning to expand its efforts, with an additional 300 officers and enlisted members being deployed in the Gulf region.

“The Army and Marine Corps are continuing to expand and develop their capacity to counter domestic terrorist threats and continue to deliver the highest standards of readiness and readiness readiness to our troops,” said Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Esper.

“I applaud the Army for the progress it has made in meeting this challenge and look forward to continued progress as we continue to focus on these critical national security threats.”

In a separate announcement, the Trump White House also announced that the Pentagon had increased its troop numbers, with the Army reporting an increase of nearly 200,200 active duty and reserve members.

Additionally, the Pentagon announced that a new, more robust program called The National Security Education Corps will be created to support students and their families with skills and training in the security and homeland security fields.

This new initiative will include a wide range of training and educational activities to provide students with skills, knowledge, and experience in a variety of areas related to the threat and response to threats.