When you need to find a gun, it’s cheaper than you think

Posted April 06, 2018 09:54:28The costs of gun training are higher than people realise.

The annual cost of a gun training course is $1,000, but if you need a gun to protect your family, your property or a friend’s home, the price is $600 or more.

It is not uncommon for people to pay more than $400,000 for gun training courses.

In the last six months, an estimated 10,000 people have bought guns to protect their family, friends and colleagues.

And it is more than just about guns.

The Government wants to change the way we train gun users.

It wants to end gun ownership for all but the most hardened criminals, but it does not have the resources or the political will to do it.

So what are the options?

In the early days of gun ownership, guns were usually bought legally, but after the Second World War, people who could afford to buy guns went to a gun store to get them.

There were some who bought the guns legally, others bought them legally but illegally and some bought them at gun shops.

There was a range of people who had guns but did not need them.

The problem was they did not have enough money to buy the guns they needed.

And with the availability of cheaper handguns, it became harder to buy a gun legally.

Many gun owners did not even know where to start when it came to purchasing a gun.

The guns were available in the private market, or they were not available at all.

Some people were able to get guns through a friend, but that was not always possible.

In addition to guns, the Government has a number of other restrictions on buying guns.

These include restrictions on making guns, which are made by a manufacturer, and on the transfer of guns to others, which is done through a licensed dealer.

A firearm is not available for sale to anyone other than a licensed firearm dealer.

For more information about guns, visit the Australian Government’s gun policy website at www.australiangovernment.gov.au/guns/policy.htm.