Dogs can now play video games as well as text chat with their owners

By Lauren G. Smith—Getty Images Dogs can now also play video game as well, thanks to the latest technology from Google.

While most video game titles still limit them to two buttons to fire a shot or press a button to move a character, Google’s latest augmented reality game Dogtags Dog Training has added new gameplay features that include text chat, voice chat, and even a dog-inspired game mode called the “Eagle” which lets you play as a real dog and train your dog to shoot you with a gun.

Google told us that it had made a number of improvements to the game in order to make it more accessible to both the human and the dog.

These include a “quick and easy mode,” a “virtual dog training room” for “realistic dog training,” and a new “virtual video chat” system.

We also found the “eagle mode” that lets you shoot dogs from the “eyeball” and “eyes” of a dog, which lets users practice shooting, jumping, and more from within the game.

Dogtags Dog training classes were not available on Google’s Play store, but it does offer other apps for training dogs, such as the “DOGRacing” and the “dog-based video game,” which is a racing game that lets players train a dog using a “computerized training environment.”

Google has also created the “Dog Tag” app that allows users to play as dogs.

Dogs can tag a person or object with a simple gesture, which works like the “tagging” feature found in some video games.

Google’s app, Dogtags, can also be downloaded from the Play store and can be downloaded on smartphones.