You can now buy potty school training classes in Sydney

More than 100,000 people are expected to sign up to be trained in toilets at a Sydney community centre as part of a pilot scheme that is expected to grow into a $4 million project.

The project aims to train at least 1,500 people to use toilets at the Haggart’s Beach Community Centre in Sydney’s outer south-west.

The initiative is part of the Australian Department of Public Health’s National Household Survey on Drug and Alcohol Use, which has identified high levels of cannabis use and use of illicit drugs in the community.

The pilot project aims for at least 500 people to be enrolled in a toilet training program, which includes three classes a week.

Students at the centre will also be taught the basics of using toilets, such as how to wipe a person’s mouth with the toilet bowl and how to use a flushing toilet.

A full-time toilet operator will be trained to ensure the training is a success, with the aim of providing a training environment where people can safely participate in a drug and alcohol treatment program.

“The aim of the pilot is to provide an education environment for those who might not have access to a trained toilet operator,” Dr Helen Kuehne, the centre’s director, said.

“We’re very hopeful that the students will be able to participate in their first classes.”

Students will be encouraged to participate via online chat or through videos.

The program will be funded through the Australian Drug Foundation’s Drug Strategy program.

Participants will receive training in how to make and use a toilet, as well as how the facility operates.

“Our aim is to have this all rolled out in the next year,” Dr Kueehne said.

The centre is currently home to two toilets, and is working to add three more.

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